Person Centred Approach 
also Integrating other Techniques

Confidential, non-judgemental support
when you need it most.

Whether you are feeling 

Anxious, Depressed, Overwhelmed,

or Dealing with Loss or Trauma, 

working together with

kindness and compassion, trust and respect,

we will find your path through these difficulties,

release the feelings that are causing your pain,

and identify the changes needed to help you

move on in a happier more positive way

to build the life you want. 

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FREE 30min Consultation call

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Taking Notes

Person Centred means
Working YOUR way.

Person Centred counselling means
YOU LEAD the process.

Person Centred counselling means

YOU LEAD the process.

My Practice is mainly Person Centred,

meaning you lead the way,

I'm alongside supporting your every step.

Where appropriate I can offer

additional elements drawing on

other therapeutic techniques

in an integrative way, 

such as CBT, ACT, Mindfulness,

and Solution-Focused Therapy

where these will help.

We use your feedback to inform

how we work together.

Fitting around
YOUR other commitments

Offering you
maximum flexibility

I understand most people 

have busy and complicated lives,

so I try to offer as wide a choice 

of booking times as possible,

including evenings and weekends,

and offering different session options

including Face to Face, Online and Phone.

Once you have found a time that works for you,

I operate a booking system

that will usually keep that same slot

open for you regularly

every week or every other week. 

Relaxing by the Water
Free Yoga

Ensuring YOU
get the best
Value for YOUR money.

YOU choose the
best options for YOU

Being experienced in both

Brief Therapy (limited sessions) and 

longer term Open Ended Therapy,

I can work any way you want.

YOU can choose to have as many

or as few sessions as you wish. 

We will review progress every 6 sessions,

as an opportunity to reflect

on what we have covered,

and to make sure we stay

focussed on YOUR key areas. 

All out of session activities

are completely optional,

but many clients find these exercises 

very useful and welcome them.

As part of the review I invite you to 

feedback YOUR experience 

of our last 6 sessions,

so that we can discuss any ways

I can make the sessions more useful 

for you (see the Testimonials section

for feedback from previous clients who 

have agreed they are happy for me 

to use, fully anonymised of course).